Nya Sigin Video – Nya Sigin Targeted in Racist Video

Nya Sigin Video – Many understudies and local area individuals displayed at Prior Lake High School on Thursday to help the youngster young lady who was focused on by a bigoted video made by a cohort.

The convention accumulated external the school not long after classes finished for the afternoon. School pioneers had dropped classes almost immediately Thursday, in front of the dissent, referring to security concerns.

The video, which has been shared broadly via online media early this week, seems to show a Prior Lake secondary school female understudy conversing with the camera with the glimmer on in a dim room. One more female voice that was off-camera additionally added remarks all through the video.

The area says it is examining the video, alongside the Savage Police Department.

During a news meeting on Thursday, the Savage police boss said the office is proceeding to examine the bigoted video at Prior Lake High School.

Boss Rodney Seurer says the office is working with the Scott County Attorney’s Office to audit the video and conceivable criminal allegations. Investigators were out again at the school for follow-up interviews. In any case, at that point, the central says he can’t say precisely what charges could be documented against the understudies who made the video.

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