No Bones Pug TikTok – Update

No Bones Pug TikTok – One sort of video that never neglects to engage TikTok clients is canine clasps.

Regardless of whether it’s somebody flaunting their adorable pup, pulling a silly trick on their dog, or doing the most recent viral canine-related test, they will undoubtedly put a grin all over.

The most recent little guy that is taking over TikTok is Noodle, a lovable Pug who has circulated around the web for a quite certain explanation. He here and there awakens without any bones!

Simply joking, he has bones truly. In any case, his extraordinary lethargy roused his proprietor Jonathan to dispatch an absolutely silly TikTok game.


Noodle is a 13-year-old pug.

In case you’re not mindful, 13 is really old for a canine, and thus, he’s incredibly apathetic.

His proprietor Jonathan makes recordings about him on the TikTok profile @jongraz which has an amazing 411,000 supporters.


Jonathan posts a video pretty much consistently in which he sees if his canine has any bones that day.

Deductively, Noodle clearly has bones. However, he now and then decides to do something unusual where he makes himself all floppy, and it looks like he has no bones inside him by any stretch of the imagination.

“Hello everyone and welcome to another round of no bones, the game where we find out if my 13-year-old pug woke up with no bones”

He says toward the beginning of each video.

Then, at that point, he continues to choose Noodle up from his bed where he is dozing, and see whether he stands up or flounders once more into the bed.

Typically, it’s a “no bones day,” however from time to time Noodle will choose to really stand up and utilize his legs. Despite the fact that it is really uncommon.


TikTok clients are fixated on Jonathan, Noodle, and the ‘no bones’ down, and have even begun participating in the actual game.

At the point when Jonathan confirms that it’s a “no bones day,” numerous TikTok clients joke that they are likewise going to overlook their everyday obligations and stay in bed. It would be discourteous not to join Noodle, wouldn’t it?

One individual remarked:

“Have been personally having a very no bones morning so came to see if Noodle was also having one and honestly I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength.”

“My decision not to go to class has been approved,”

Said another.

A third individual added:

“I knew before I even watched that it was a no bones day. Back to bed for me, I’m flopping on all my work today.”

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