Joaquin Romero Video – California Zip Line Worker Sacrificed

Joaquin Romero Video – A chivalrous California zip line course specialist forfeited himself while helping a lady in trouble — falling somewhere around 70 feet and died days after the fact, as indicated by reports.

Joaquin Romero, 34, died from his wounds Monday, two days after he sacrificially helped an abandoned lady while working at La Jolla Zip Zoom Zipline on the La Jolla Indian Reservation.

Specialists told the paper Romero, of Banning, plunged around 70 feet to the ground, experiencing a few obtuse power wounds.

Minutes sooner, Romero was helping a lady getting snared onto a stage when she began sliding out on the line.

In any case, Romero couldn’t stop her, so he took hold of her bridle, causing them both to float out on the zip line while around 100 feet up, the unidentified observer said.

Cal Fire Department Capt. Forthright LoCoco told the Union-Tribune Romero fell around 70 feet. Reacting fire groups utilized ropes and a salvage bushel to get him to wellbeing before he was carried to an emergency clinic, where he later passed on.

Contreras declined further remark until an examination by state and government specialists is finished.

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