Jim Jones Freddie Gibbs Video – Updates

Jim Jones Freddie Gibbs Video – The Twitter roads are swirling with babble that Jim Jones and his team encounter Freddie Gibbs and his countrymen while feasting in Miami. On Tuesday (December 14) at the Prime 112 café, the two rappers purportedly got into a battle later a revealed trade between the two gatherings.

Subtleties are sparse however an outlet we will not name on this channel got the scoop of the squabble, clarifying that observes say Jones and his group were in transit out of the eatery when Gibbs and his team were strolling in.


There was some clear ill will between the rappers allegedly begun by Gibbs, and one of Jones’ team threw the principal punch.

Gibbs’ central opponent, Akademiks, had a lot to say by means of his Twitch channel about the entire issue, and posted the first story on his Instagram page with the accompanying subtitle:

According to sources, a fight between Jim Jones’s crew broke out with Freddie Gibbs’s crew at the swanky restaurant, Prime 112, in Miami. Apparently, the two sides bumped into one another while at the establishment and a fight ensued after words were exchanged. Sources also detailed that #FreddieGibbs and his side took the worst of the exchange.

If any further information comes, MixTVNow will surely update this post.

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