Girl Surprises Boyfriend Tiktok – Couch Guy Tiktok Drama

Girl Surprises Boyfriend Tiktok – A TikTok shared by client Lauren Zarras has turned into a web sensation as individuals are bantering over her relationship with her sweetheart. With many alluding to Lauren’s sweetheart as the “couch guy”, the video has accumulated over 21.9 million perspectives up until this point.

With the headway of innovation and simple admittance to the web, as a rule, individuals are exposed to examination. Notwithstanding, Lauren didn’t envision her extraordinary second would transform into a subject of conversation for every one of some unacceptable reasons.

Thus, Lauren chose to astound her sweetheart, Robbie, at school and get everything on camera with the assistance of another companion, as she needed to catch his prompt response to seeing her.

The video sees Lauren go into the room where Robbie is perched on the lounge chair with three different ladies.

When he sees Lauren, Robbie pauses for a little while before responding and he looks shocked. At the point when she strolls nearer, he gets up and the two are seen embracing one another.

While the video closes at that, Twitter and TikTok clients have been hauling Lauren and Robbie, saying their relationship has “red flags”.

In some cases that they can see Robbie “slide” his telephone to the young lady sitting close to him, in this way suggesting that he’s “cheating” on Lauren. A couple has noticed that the young lady’s hand was purportedly contacting Robbie’s thigh.

This load of remarks and comments made against the couple depend on Robbie’s response to seeing his better half, which has left Twitter isolated.

The viral video has accumulated a lot of responses across web-based media, as clients have offered gone against viewpoints about Robbie, the lounge chair fellow.

While some vibe his deferred response to seeing his sweetheart means a “red flag” in their relationship, others have hammered the pundits saying they are as a rule hard on Robbie as he didn’t do anything wrong.

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