Ersan Saner Video Twitter – Turkish Cypriot PM Resigns

Ersan Saner Video Twitter – The Turkish “prime minister” Ersan Saner from the National Unity Party (UBP), confronted the clouded side of the proficient and powerful use of online media. On Tuesday evening, a video showed Ersan Saner taking part in web-based infidelity with a lady who professes to be in her twenties and shown an act before the camera. He has left the position due to contention.

Albeit the video was elusive in its initial circulatory minutes it turned out to be promptly accessible by Wednesday evening. It’s implied that this adversely affected the head administrator’s vocation, family, and for the most part the country.

The UBP quickly held a gathering where Saner gave his explanation that the video is a phony and that his schemers had made something very similar to malign him and to destroy his vocation.

At first, this articulation was very difficult to accept yet anyway the media later followed something similar to have been altered on a portable that was purchased on the Greek Cypriot side, and that it was delivered by a Turkish mafia pioneer Sedat Peker.

Sedat Peker was popular for his violations against criminal operations in the north and for openly uncovering different Turkish clergymen. On additional remarks, Saner referenced that there had been tales identified with him that something adverse was coming, however, the arrival of this video has stunned him to see the levels his kin would go as far as to slander him.

Individuals requesting a legitimate examination for this situation. This is unsatisfactory for the individuals who is dealing with the top situation in the country. Additionally, many phony stories are flowing via online media. Know from counterfeit stories and cases.

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