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DaBaby Posts Tell-All Video About DaniLeigh, Dani Comes on and Argument Breaks Out

Danileigh and DaBaby Video – Things among DaBaby and DaniLeigh have been raised after the two, who share an infant little girl, got into it on Instagram Live recently.

In a now-erased Instagram post shared on Monday (Nov. 15), DaBaby discredited DaniLeigh’s cases that they have been seeing someone she’s been living with him for the beyond 90 days with their 3-month-old little girl.

The Charlotte, N.C. rhymer, who was joined by his own aide in the video, clarified that he’s standing up on the circumstance to clear up any distortions about him as a dad and dealing with his youngsters.

The rapper said Dani accompanied two bags and repeated that the artist doesn’t reside with him and that he has been attempting to get her to leave his home.

DaBaby proceeded to offer his side of what unfolded among himself and DaniLeigh, beginning from the introduction of their little girl.

DaBaby claims Dani didn’t have a sense of security having her child in the Dominican Republic, so he says they all returned a fly to the States where he called a private specialist and DaniLeigh conveyed their kid.

Around the 7:30-mark, DaniLeigh enters the edge while Baby is on his IG Live.

DaBaby states that no one was put out, alluding to the Instagram post-DaniLeigh shared today, which said that Baby was attempting to have her and their infant kid eliminated from his home.

As DaniLeigh is speaking, DaBaby says on the Livestream that somebody needs to cause her to abandon his home.

At a certain point, Baby’s right hand encourages him to end the IG Live, yet he denies it, saying that he wants to eliminate any confusion.

The rhymer’s partner contributes and expresses that her rapper supervisor is a decent parent.

DaniLeigh additionally hopped on IG Live, however chose to share recordings and pictures of herself and DaBaby, apparently demonstrating that they were seeing someone, to what exactly Baby said on his Livestream.

After DaBaby transferred his extended IG Live to his page, he eliminated it and posted a more limited clasp about parenthood and the obligations of nurturing.

The verbal debate among DaBaby and DaniLeigh comes from the rapper and R&B artist having a contention while on Instagram Live recently, in which Baby attempted to show Dani out of his home and allegedly called the police on her.

It’s hazy when DaBaby and DaniLeigh turned into a thing, however the pictures she shared on her IG Story date back to 2019.

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