Barry Washington Video – Bend shooting Angers Many

Barry Washington Video – A video indicating to show the lethal shooting of Barry K. Washington Jr. in midtown Bend last week was delivered Monday, carrying outrage and disarray to the exacting entryway of a neighborhood news station.

The 64-second clasp, posted on the site of Central Oregon Daily News, is said to incorporate the second shot was discharged in midtown Bend soon after midnight on Sept. 19. However, much with regards to the temperamental video is muddled.

In the early long periods of Sept. 19, Washington, 22, was shot external the Capitol club close to the side of SW Oregon Avenue and SW Wall Street. He kicked the bucket not long after.

Ian Mackenzie Cranston, 27, of Redmond, was captured at the scene on doubt of second-degree homicide.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel has said Cranston was drinking and had a hidden convey handgun.

Cranston posted $10,000 in rescue and stays of authority with his next court date booked for Oct. 5. Hummel has said he plans to take the case to a terrific jury, where Cranston could confront more genuine allegations.

Since Cranston is white and Washington Black, many accept the shooting might have been propelled by race and the arraignment is taking a gander at that chance, Hummel has said.

The video was given to the news station by Allie Butler, Cranston’s better half and the lady at the focal point of the shooting.

The article going with the clasp does exclude remarks from Washington’s family members nor endeavor to clarify what occurs in the recording.

Inside three hours, more than 1,000 individuals had remarked on the news channel’s Facebook post that incorporated the video, including various neighborhood chose pioneers, who abraded the station for circulating the clasp.

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